There’s a very real chance that S3 lovebirds Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski just got married in Hawaii.

The couple announced they were engaged all the way back in 2015, but said that plans were put on hold after Snez got pregnant with the first Bachie bub.

Well, those plans might have been nothing more than a clever ruse. The couple are in Hawaii on a babymoon right now, and Sam posted a cryptic shot to his Instagram story that definitely hints at the couple getting married.

“You may now kiss the…”
he wrote, a sentence literally impossible to read in your head without your inner voice finishing it with “BRIDE. BRIDE. BRIDE.”

And those white gossamer curtains in the background? Extremely wedding-y.

Neither Sam nor Snez have made any further comment, but tbqh, it is unbelievable that they could marry without the permanently youthful Osher Günsberg there to perform ceremonies. Unbelievable.

Photo: Sam Woods / Instagram.