THEORY: Ciarran Is Gonna Make A ‘Bachelorette’ Comeback But Will Ultimately Come Second

ciarran bachie

We’re balls-deep in The Bachelorette at this point, and after last night’s heart-breaking farewell of season fave Ciarran Stott, we’re all a little sombre on this Friday afternoon.

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But I’m not entirely convinced Ciarran is gone for good. So sit down and buckle up because it’s time to do some investigating.

Ever since poor Ciarran left the mansion last night, rumours of his return have been circulating. Even fellow contestant Jamie chimed in on the rumours in our interview with him.

“There’s rumours he’s coming back. There’s rumours that he’s going to come back in the top three,” he said.

He hasn’t really given us much to work with, so I decided to spend my Friday afternoon intensely mapping out every episode of the rest of Angie Kent’s season. Why? Well, because I can.

So, we’re down to the final six as of last night’s double-departure of Ciarran and Jamie Doran.

As it currently stands, we’ve got Alex, Carlin, Jackson, Matt, Ryan and Timm still in the running for Angie’s heart.

But thanks to a few sneaky spoilers, I think I’ve worked out exactly how this is going to play out.

Some sneaky paparazzi photos obtained by Daily Mail show Ryan, Jackson, Timm and Carlin posing for photo at the Bachelorette Mansion, so it’s basically a dead giveaway that Alex and Matt are going to be next week’s evictees.

But upon further sleuthing, it has become apparent that Angie’s bestie Yvie is only following three of the “final four” on Instagram: Carlin, Timm and Ryan. However, she’s also still following Ciarran, which secretly gives me hope that he’ll make a comeback after Jackson inevitably gets the boot.

I know, Instagram followers don’t really mean anything, but this is Bachie world. These are the only hints we’ve got to work with until Angie finally picks her suitor.

My theory, you ask?

Well, next week we’ll see Alex and Matt leave. I’m predicting Matt first because Alex has a slightly more memorable face.

Then, Jackson will follow soon after, but in a *SHOCK TWIST* that Channel 10 will undoubtedly tease us with for days in advance, Ciarran (our favourite) will make a surprise comeback to win Angie’s heart and ride off into the sunset on a beautiful white horse with his hair frolicking in the wind.

I’m not certain he’ll win the whole show, but he’ll definitely make the top four.

Personally, I think Carlin will cop the boot, followed by Timm (for not being serious enough). We’ll have Ciarran and Ryan in the final but in a shock twist that nobody saw coming, Ryan wins. We all question why Angie even bothered to go on The Bachelorette when she ended up with the guy who was already in her DMs, we cry, we mourn, then Ciarran is ripe for the picking for Bachie 2020.

Mark my words, people! Ciarran is going to make a comeback, but he won’t win because he’s destined for Bachie 2020.