The end is nigh for this season’s emotionally-turbulent Bachelor in Paradise. Can you believe? It feels like only yesterday that Osh and Abbie greeted each other on our screens. What followed has left us all in great need of a long nap

Anyway, tonight’s episode was all about digging up the truth, crying over repressed emotions, and throwing $800 promise rings into the ocean. Quite standard really.

For the TL;DR version, Keira and Alex say kudos to show, an FBI-trained human lie detector quizzes the cast, and Ciarran cracks the shits.

Oh, and here’s the kicker – Renee reveals that she brought an $800 ring onto the show for Ciarran, telling the girls that he’d given her hope that they’d reunite. Renee and Alisha then have a heart-warming moment in which they throw the ring in the ocean for good riddance.

For the full lowdown, check out the official episode recap here.

Now onto the Twitter round-up. Here’s a bunch of the best reactions tonight, which predominately revolve around the irony of Ciarran not knowing the word ‘monogamy’, and Renee and Alisha making us cry happy tears.

The finish line is in sight, pals. I’m so proud of us.

Image: 10 / Bachelor In Paradise