Everyone Is Thirsting Over The New Zealand ‘Bachelorette’ Host Because Fucking Look At Him

New Zealand’s very first ‘Bachelorette ‘series premiered on Monday night, with Lesina Nakhid-Schuste, doctor and total 10, in the titular role and ready to meet the love of her life (can confirm, we already stan).

But as she met her 22 potential baes, audiences couldn’t help but take to Twitter discuss the tall, dark and handsome elephant in the room. And by ‘elephant’, we mean Art Green, ‘Bachelorette’ host, who is not so much an elephant as “really big distraction from the other male contestants trying to win Lesina’s heart”.

And you thought Osher was cute…

(Just kidding, still love you Osh.)

Art comparatively makes the contestants (and your boyfriend) wayyyy less impressive. The only real question I have is, “Why so cruel TVNZ!?”. The Bachelorette – or any woman – does not deserve to try and find love with this forbidden fruit being dangled right in front of her face.

“Where’s Art at? lel”

Art Green was the first Bachelor in NZ back in 2015, so I guess it makes sense why producers chose him to host Bachelorette. He’s still with the winner of his season (thank you, Insta-stalking) and they have a cute lil’ bub. Also, Art seems to be a health and fitness buff, which is probably a prerequisite for being the Bachelor in the first place.

New Zealand Twitter is collectively horny for Art. Honestly, fair cop.

Anyway, good luck to the contestants trying to size up against this unbelievable babe: