Australia’s new boyfriend and overall sweetheart Konrad Bien-Stephens is reportedly starting up a sock business, and bless his cotton socks because this sounds like such a wholesome endeavour.

Usually, when folks hop on reality TV they are swiftly met with swathes of adoring internet fans who can’t wait to see what they do post-show. Sometimes these folks disappoint us by diving head-first into a pool of fuckery, and other times they start up sock businesses.

You can never really predict which way the wind will blow.

According to episode 124 of hot-goss podcast So Dramatic!, Konrad has applied for a trademark for a business named ‘The Good Foot’.

The Good Foot will apparently be a bed socks, footless socks, slipper socks, socks suspenders, sports socks and thermal socks business, which is a fuck-tonne of socks, but who else do you know that’s got every base covered in the foot blanket department?

I guess the easiest point of comparison is Rob Kardashian‘s sock line Arthur George, which ultimately tanked.

so dramatic screenshot
The Good Foot trademark – Image acquired by So Dramatic!

We recently caught up with the man himself, and spoke about how on The Bachelorette, he told Brooke Blurton that he was currently unemployed, and looking to explore the possibilities that await him.

“We film a lot of things for the episodes, and they have to condense all the information into a short period of time to put forward what Brooke’s thinking. We had chats about why I wasn’t working, how I lost my job due to COVID and received redundancy payments and long service leave,” he said.

“Still, right now, I’m in the transition period in my life where I have the opportunity to try something different while still having qualifications to fall back on. But y’know, they can’t show everything, and something that played on Brooke’s mind was that I didn’t have a solid plan to tell her, so that’s what they showed.

“I can understand that they had to show that so people understood what was going through her mind, and it’s fair enough, she wants stability and security… but I’m taking the opportunity while I can to maybe try something that’s a little bit more fulfilling to me, or that I’m a little bit more passionate about.”

Looks like he’s found that passion quicksmart! And it’s socks! Who’d’ve thunk?

You can listen to the full ep with all the tea in the episode below.

Image: Getty Images / Alexander Tamargo