While this season of The Bachelorette has been relatively light on drama – with some even claiming that sisters Elly and Becky Miles insisted they be portrayed in a wholesome light – there’s apparently some spicy content coming your way this week.

The So Dramatic! podcast claims that one of the contestants, who has been labelled “the bully of the season” by other blokes, is sent home after having a go at another contestant. Do you mind spoilers? I guess not, because you’re still here. Anyway, it’s …

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James who supposedly gets his Bachelorette marching orders this week, following an argument with another contestant.

According to So Dramatic! host Megan Pustetto, a source close to the production said that James was perceived as being the villain of this season, at least by those in the house, but that he has been given a favourable edit thus far.

According to the source, James allegedly “rubbed a lot of guys the wrong way” on the show, and “targeted Damien quite a bit” but things escalated after some sort of incident with lovable geologist and IRL Aquaman Adam.

The podcast claims that this week, James finally gets a long-awaited single date with Elly, and after this, becomes “quite aggressive with the other guys, mainly Adam.” Pustetto’s source claimed:

“He had been drinking all day because he had never been on a single date with Elly and he forgot where he was and let his guard down and he just snapped – after that incident he got sent straight home and did not get a rose.”

The Bachelorette continues Wednesday, so I guess we’ll find out this week if James really does get the boot, and what the hell is going on here.