Bachie’s Adam Todd Speaks Out After His Ex Obliterated Him In A Series Of Wild Insta Stories

The Bachelorette babe Adam Todd emerged from this year’s season as a fan fave, with many folks pulling for him to be the 2021 Bachelor.

But after this wild new scandal, you might not be so thirsty for him anymore.

There are currently rumours floating around that Adam is dating fellow Bachie star Bella Varelis as they’ve been spotted together in Bondi, looking v. flirty and loved up, I might add. Plus, he recently gushed about her on The Project, revealing they’ve been flirting on Insta.

Now, in an unexpected turn of events, a model by the name of Kara Jane has called Adam Todd out, claiming that he was dating her and two other girls at the same time, all the while flirting with Bella.

In a series of now-deleted Instagram Stories, Kara shared a bunch of pics, proving the timeline of his double triple quadruple-timing.

She posted the following pic from October 24 and tagged the other two girls he’s been dating, as well as Bella.

She then shared the following vid from October 26 and captioned it: “First you’re with me” (along with the aforementioned tags).

Next, she posted a pic of Adam posing with influencer Jade Samantha at a Melbourne Cup event in Perth on November 3, claiming Adam kissed Jade, then asked Jade to tell Kara “he was in a relationship.”

Kara then claimed that Adam ended up leaving the Melbourne Cup event with a third woman (how the heck did she get this footage?).


And then came the DMs. After the Melbourne Cup event, Kara and Jade discussed the whole shitshow on Instagram, with Jade sending Kara a screenshot of Adam telling her to say “he’s in a relationship” and “can’t get with anyone.”

Have a go at it below:

Despite the shady Stories being deleted, screenshots started doing the ’rounds online, forcing Adam to publicly address what went down.

Speaking to The Wash, he confirmed that since exiting The Bachelorette in September, he’s been dating a few girls in Perth and met up with Kara “a couple of times,” but he insists that it was very much casual and he’s currently single.

He also explained that since he knew he would soon move to Sydney, he refrained from forming serious connections and, again, kept everything casual.

Now that he’s settled down in Sydney, he’s hoping to find the one locally, and that ~one~ might very well be Bella.