The Bachelorette 2020 contestant Frazer Neate cemented himself as a frontrunner literally as soon as the season kicked off, and since then, more and more evidence has emerged that proves he’s one of two winners.

The latest shred of proof is a screenshot shared by influencer Katrina West who claims Frazer was running his mouth at a Queensland wedding recently about his time on the show and also let slip that he makes it to the finale.

West wasn’t at the wedding, but someone who was in attendance sent her in a DM detailing what they had heard the Bachelorette fan fave say.

The message states that at the wedding (which went down back in September), Frazer told other guests that he’d “just finished two weeks of quarantine” after returning home from filming The Bachelorette, which means he would have left the show around the first week of September.

The Wash points out that Elly and Becky Miles filmed the finale during the first week of September, meaning Frazer must bloody well be in the Bachelorette 2020 finale.

“Fraser was a groomsman at my parents’ friend’s daughter’s wedding about 2 weeks ago. He said that just before the wedding he had finished 2 weeks quarantine after being in The Bachelor mansion. Makes me think he got pretty far,’ the leaked message,” the message reads.This Influencer’s Spicy Screenshot Might Spoil The Bachie Finale But C’mon, We Knew It’d Be Him

Credit: Katrina West via The Wash.

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