The ‘Bachie Vietnam’ Contestants Who Fell In Love On The Show Are A Couple Now

In bloody wholesome news, the two Bachelor Vietnam contestants who blew us all away when they revealed their love for each other are now officially together in the real world.

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Minh Thu threw one heck of a spectacular spanner in the works during a Rose Ceremony when she confessed her love for fellow contestant Truc Nhu and told her to “come home with me”. Nhu initially agreed to leave the competition but after a heart-to-heart with bachie Jean-Marc Nguyen (Quoc Trung)Nhu decided to stay on the show to see how things could work out.

Two episodes later, Nhu decided to leave The Bachelor to be with Thu.

Relive the moment, below.

Now, in an episode of After The Rose, Nhu and Thu revealed that they are still together. They even rocked up in matching dresses for the interview.

One viewer shared the news on Reddit and as you can imagine, it’s warming a lot of hearts.

According to one Redditor who translated the gist of the interview into English: “Nhu said that they both agreed for her to stay on the show to give each other time. They wanted to make sure their feelings weren’t just a misconception of love because they are so close in the Bachelor share house. She stayed on for 2 more eps and asked to leave the show saying ‘She already found what she was looking for and it’s waiting for her at home’ if that ain’t the cutest thing.” 


In response one Redditor commented: “This gives me so much hope as a Vietnamese closeted queer. I’m so glad to see our society is much more open and accepting than it used to be. I’m so happy for them that they are able to live proudly and stay true to their feelings. I hope one day I would be fortunate enough to be like them.” 

Have a spectacular week, everyone.

P.S I may or may not have stalked Thu’s Facebook and they’re PEAK CUTENESS.