Well how’s this for some queer tea? ‘Bachie’ contestants Vakoo Kauapirura and Rachael Arahill have been snapped up canoodling out on the town. New Idea published images today of the two “sharing a passionate kiss while out on a dinner date together.”

The pap shots have subsequently sent the internet into a frenzy regarding whether it’s legit or not, with many noticing how ‘coincidental’ it was for the photographer to be in the right place at the right time.

I’m not saying it’s suss, but I’m also not not saying it’s suss, if you catch my drift.

Arahill did call Kauapirura her soulmate on Instagram a couple weeks back, though. Was she trying to tell us something?

“Thankful we went on this crazy journey or I wouldn’t of met my soul mate… OmG bLeSsEd WiTh ThE bEsT xX,” she captioned the below pic.

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It’s obviously problematic to be questioning the validity of same-sex relationships but, at the same time, it’s not like the images are necessarily candid, so I feel like I’m in a predicament. They also haven’t been forthright on the show about their sexual fluidity.

(I mean, you obviously don’t have to declare your non-heterosexuality or questioning sexuality on television but, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I feel like we have a responsibility to do so, given the complete lack of LGBTQ+ representation on Australian reality television. It’d help to increase queer visibility in mainstream spaces.)

Either way, I’m just going to leave the pictures with you. Do with them what you will. (We can’t afford the paparazzi images – deuces – so by all means check them out at New Idea here.)

You don’t understand how much I want this to be legitimate – the more ‘Bachie’ contestants running off with each other the better, I say – but if this is a set-up, they’ll be hearing from my queerbaiting lawyers.

Source: New Idea.

Image: Network 10