Australia Reacts To Helena’s Roller Coaster Of Emotions On ‘Bachie’ Matt’s Home Visit Dates

It’s getting to crunch time in The Bachelor world, so we already know that every episode from now on is going to be drama central. Last night we saw Elly evicted for spending more time worrying about Abbie than Matt, which leaves us down to five girls for tonight’s serving of beef.

But tonight was the long-awaited hometown dates, which in my humble opinion is when you really start to get to know the girls. Matt meets their family and finally gets to see them outside of the glammed-up mansion they pretend is their real life.

There were a few l-bombs from Abbie and Emma, and of course, Chelsie worried about whether she’s going to get hurt. But HELENA. Phwoah! Helena was the real drama queen of this episode. Here’s a tweet from jussssttttt before shit hit the fan. A simpler time.

On her home date, Matt forgot that one time she spoke French on the first date and she lost her fucking marbles. Obviously, Twitter thought it was hilarious because we had all forgotten too.

Then she dumped his ass. Girl power? Or pathetic overreaction?

Matt comes grovelling back wanting her to love him so he can add her to the list of five girls he might want to date. She forgives him, then she dumps him again. Everyone was obviously confused.

Then, when you thought she was out of the picture for good, she comes back right before the roses are given out to stir some more shit.

The girls weren’t happy, and Twitter lived for it.

She forgives him again and ultimately gets a rose. Was this all a ploy to do the whole “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” thing? I hope so. Helena seems like a force to be reckoned with, or is she just a drama plot?

Also, everyone fucking hates Matt’s dumb suit.

Sadly, Emma cops the boot. That’s what you get for being an emotionally open person who isn’t trying to fuck around and cause drama. Gosh Emma.

And that’s everything Twitter had to say about episode 14 of The Bachelor. I need to sit down, or drink. I’m not quite sure yet. Feeling a little queasy after that roller coaster.

See ya next week, folks!