‘Bachie’ Alum Megan Marx Wrote A Fiction Book About, You Guessed It, Reality TV

It’s pretty standard for reality TV stars to leverage their 15 minutes of fame into a full-blown career – but usually this career involves promoting diet shakes and hair growth supplements. At best, they’ll generally create a sort of Ali Baba-based fast fashion brand that rips off other independent fashion brands. Unless you’re Bachelor alum Megan Marx, who bloody went and wrote a FICTION NOVEL.

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The book is titled Episode Eight, and yes – it’s about reality TV. The blurb reads as so:

Hoping to escape the burdens of his dark past, Henry joins the cast for a reality dating show, The Eligibles. His life starts to spiral out of control as he comes face-to-face with the star and romantic interest of the show, Poppy. However, nothing is as it seems… Henry knows Poppy a little too well, but does Poppy know Henry?

Follow Henry and Poppy, as together they weave in and out of love. This is a story where morality is constructed under the gaze of the paparazzi’s lens. Episode Eight is fast paced and filled with secrets that are revealed and buried under a backdrop of fame, beauty,  socially constructed ‘perfect’ realities, drugs, guilt, and sex. As it twists and turns it will leave you questioning your own morality. Don’t we all have our own dirty little secrets?


I mean…. I’m in. I’m totally in.

It’s not the first time a reality TV star has ventured into author territory – Lauren Conrad had an EPIC series called LA Candy, which followed Jane Roberts (basically Lauren but fiction) who is signed to star in a reality TV show about her Hollywood life. PSA that the books are the greatest beach reads and I am absolutely leaving work today, picking up my copy of book #1 and getting in a bath to read it.

But back to Megan. She’s been posting about the book for a while, and recently thanked a bunch of people on Insta whose names you might recognise for their support…

Thank you Jake, Bev, Elora, Mum, and Jason for all the support (full gratitude in the book because there’s not nearly enough room for the love).


Given Jake and Megan just broke up again, that is… a bit awks. But! Props to her for writing a whole book and choosing a different path career-wise post-Bachie. I love books! And reading!

BRB while I binge LC’s books and then move on to Megan’s. You can buy a copy here.