Recently Ousted ‘Bachie’ Hopeful Jamie-Lee Dayz Is Happily Dating Her Ex-GF

Jamie-Lee Dayz, the last Bachelor intruder standing, who did not receive a rose last night, has told Now to Love that since leaving the reality dating show she’s gotten back together with her ex-girlfriend.

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Dayz was the subject of rumours that she and fellow bisexual Bachelor hopeful Brooke Blurton became close off camera, potentially entering into a relationship in the outside world.


After her disastrous samurai date with the Honey Badger – in Dayz’ own words: “Sure, we had a few things in common but there was no spark there” – she was expected to be booted from the show in last Thursday’s episode – until Tenille Fevios decided to call it. Instead, she was kicked out last night, after being excluded from the heinous mud obstacle course group date last night because of the injury she sustained in that full-contact netball-rugby game on her first day in the mansion.

Asked if she was dating anyone at the moment, Dayz explained that she certainly is, saying that “it’s everything that love should be. I’m so grateful and happy!

It’s really lovely. It was completely unexpected but after the Bachie mansion, my ex just seemed to pop up in my life. We were both at an event and you know, we broke up because timing was never right. We were never really on the same page.

And we just caught up and it all went from there and it was amazing. She works in hospitality as well, we both work in hospo and she’s in Sydney.

In the interview she also directly address the rumours about herself and Blurton, saying that they’re “great friends“.

I actually am a little disappointed that all of these rumours have come out. The assumption that every bi-sexual person must be together. Like, if there’s two bi-sexual people in a room, they must be together. I think that’s such a backwards assumption.

I’m actually really disappointed by those rumours and I think that it’s 2018, we should be a little more forward-thinking than that.

Talking to Who last week, Blurton echoed Dayz when asked about their relationship:

Most of the girls will say you get close to girls in the house and obviously, just because we have a tendency of being with girls, people will obviously put us in that category of liking one another.

Jamie-Lee and I are definitely just friends. I feel glad I actually had her there in the house.

There you have it. A surprise to nobody: just because two bisexual women hang out a lot in a mansion doesn’t mean they’re together-together ffs.