Bachelor In Paradise Viewers Are 100% Fed Up With Ciarran & Timm’s Blatant Double Standards

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Tonight’s Bachelor in Paradise episode may have come and gone, but it’s sparked conversations that are bound to linger longer than a nasty sunburn.

Ready for the TL;DR version? Let’s dive in…

Niranga and Cass go on a heated date (heated being a double entendre ’cause they butt heads and there’s fire-twirling involved). Timm returns and has a go at Matt for dating Renee (cue a whole spiel about bro code once again, and a whole bunch of “snakes” and “dogs”). Littney then pashes Jackson (yay), only for Cass to turn around and pick him first (not so yay). Jamie, Niranga and Gilly sashay away. (For the full explainer, head on over to the official recap here.)

As always, Twitter users didn’t hold back on letting the cybersphere know how they felt. With this in mind, let’s say g’day to tonight’s Twitter highlights (which predominately revolve around Ciarran and Timm’s assumption that their exes are their property, Glenn and Alisha being fucking cute and Littney being a queen).

Oooooooft. If you’ll excuse me, I need a peppermint tea and a soothing bath right about now.

Until next time, mates.