BIP’s Conor Canning Has Lost His Property License & Been Slapped W/ A $30K Fine For Stealing

Bachelor In Paradise star Conor Canning has lost his property agent licence and has also been slapped with a $30,000 fine after stealing a client database from his former employer, and then repeatedly lying about it.

ABC reported that a magistrate has ruled that Canning, who is the director of three real estate offices under the PRD franchise, is not fit to practise real estate, after he was deregistered by the Property Agent’s Tribunal last year.

Last November, the tribunal found that while Canning was working at Ray White Real Estate, he logged in to his former employer’s database without permission and stole confidential information.

He subsequently “misused the confidential information” by getting in touch with the contacts and giving information to a mortgage broker.

Court documents reveal that Canning allegedly wrote: “The golden list, my man. This is highly confidential but I trust you.”

Conor Canning with his Bachelor In Paradise boo, Mary Viturino. (Credit: Ten)

Canning’s former employer got wind of what he had done and reported him to the tribunal, and Canning went on to “provide a false and misleading statement to the board investigator”.

The tribunal found him guilty of “unprofessional conduct” and revoked his licence, ordering him to pay a $30K fine.

This week, Magistrate Chris Webster upheld the tribunal’s decision and slammed the reality star in court.

“The proved and admitted allegations against the applicant were serious and a finding by the tribunal that the applicant was guilty of unprofessional conduct was appropriate,” he wrote.

Magistrate Webster added that Canning’s actions involved “considerable planning” and were done so he could advance his career.

He also stated that Canning’s submission to the board was “full of elaborate detail, mistruths and misleading information”.

“An aggravating feature of his lies to the board and its investigator was that he attempted to attack the credibility of Mr Manton [his former employer] whose material he had appropriated,” he wrote.

“He attempted to blame Mr Manton, the victim, for reporting [Mr Canning’s] wrongful actions.

“Rather than accept responsibility for his actions, he chose to attack a person making a legitimate complaint to the professional board.”

He also said Canning is “not an honest person,” adding that “there are many opportunities for a dishonest person working in this industry to gain a financial advantage for themselves or their clients by making a false declaration or misrepresentation or to financially disadvantage others.”

He concluded by saying that Canning is “not a fit and proper person to practice in the real estate industry” and that removing his license is in the interest of “protect[ing] the public.”

Canning appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, where he met Mary Viturino and the pair had a kid together last year.