The penultimate Bachelor in Paradise episode has come and gone, but not without a glorious showdown between Ciarran, Kiki and her mother. (More on that later.)

Tonight, we were gifted 90 minutes of pure voyeuristic bliss, as the casts’ loved ones came onto the show and grilled the shit out of the respective partners. Like, seriously, the parents, grandparents and mates didn’t hold back, and it made for some awkward (and ultimately addictive) viewing. Popcorn was devoured.

For the TL;DR version, Brittany and Jackson decided to leave, a few L-bombs were dropped – ahem,  Alisha, Glen, Mary and Conor – and Kiki’s mum tore Ciarran to fucking shreds. This then led to Kiki calling Ciarran out for being disingenuous. For the full lowdown, head on over to the episode recap here.

It’s now time to dive into Twitter’s best reactions. Behold, tonight’s greatest reactions, which – let’s be honest – predominantly revolve around Kiki and her mother giving Ciarran a rightful grilling.

One more episode to go. The finish line is in sight, my dear friends.

Now, if you don’t mind, I need a moment to cool down following the brilliant savagery that was Kiki’s mum.

Image: 10 / 'Bachelor in Paradise'