Here’s What ‘Bachie In Paradise’ Villain Daniel Said To Royally Piss Off Laurina

That was fast. Bachelor In Paradise villain Daniel Maguire went home last night without so much as a single rose, after Keira, Nina and Laurina all sent their roses elsewhere.

The Bachelor In Paradise veteran was one of three internationals who came in to rile things up, and while his American pals Grant and Jared were invited to stay last night, “Douche Daniel” was sent packing.

But that doesn’t mean the bloke didn’t make an impression. Personally speaking, Daniel should be in jail for uttering the word “moist” on national television, but the whole “I’m going to take all your women thing” was enough to rankle most of Australia, Osher included.

We caught up with Daniel this morning to chat the rose ceremony, the Australian vs the American Bachelor In Paradise, and just what he said to Laurina to make her stare him down with the fire of a thousand suns.

“Daniel sits there and looks at me and says the most slimy, chauvinistic and derogatory comment [and] I realised that this guy isn’t bringing the healthiest environment. You give me the creeps.”
What was going through your head during the rose ceremony?

When I was filming it, I was like, okay, there’s a chance I’ll get it from Keira, maybe Nina, but then someone told me that I said something to Laurina that made her mad, so I probably wasn’t going to get it from her. I was saying to myself, okay, well Keira still likes Jarrod, Nina still likes Eden, so I figured that maybe…. at the same time, all the guys are saying like, oh Daniel’s trying to be a player. I’m like, okay, first off, I don’t have the rose. I’m trying to get to know these girls, that’s what you’re supposed to do in this show. I wanted to get to know them both. I’d been there like one to two days, and I didn’t know them that well, so I was just trying to get to know both of them. I spent five minutes here, an hour here with one, and then I talk to the other one. You know, they both had qualities that I liked, but I wasn’t sure which one I liked more, because I was only on like Day 2 or 3. That’s basically it, what was gong through my mind. I was thinking, there’s a chance I can go home for sure.

So you don’t think “player” is a fair label?

Not for that show, no. I was trying to get to know them. I wasn’t stringing anyone along. If I had a rose, and I was jumping back and forth then yeah, definitely. But I didn’t have a rose, I was trying to get to know them. In Paradise, you’re supposed to get to know people, and I didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, so I didn’t go all in on one person. I was only on Day 2 or 3, so I was just getting to know people.

Before the rose ceremony, who did you feel like you had the strongest connection with?

That’s the thing. The reason why I didn’t give Keira the date right away, was because right away I felt a little bit of that instant connection with her, so I wanted to get to know Nina better. I would say it was a toss up. I would say a little bit more to Nina I think, but it was a toss up. It was still in the baby stages because it was so early. And I wasn’t taking it too serious, it’s a reality dating TV show, so I can’t take it too seriously. I know how the circumstances are, I know how they edit things. So that’s why. The dating part is only one aspect for me, you know?

So what are the other aspects?

Well the other aspects are part of the question I always get asked: why [do I go on these shows]. I always get asked. I never apply to these shows because I’m desperately looking for love, I have never applied to any of these shows, I keep getting asked. The very first show I got asked, and I keep getting asked after that.

You can see why: for entertainment factors. Good or bad, depending on which season you watch, or who’s perspective you’re talking to, because everyone’s going to have a different opinion on what they think. For example, after Season 3 and 4 on Bachelor In Paradise here in America, a lot of people come up to me and say, Oh, you’re so fun, I know what you’re doing, I know you’re doing it for entertainment’s sake, I know you’re trolling people, I know you’re just messing around. So a lot of people do understand that, but I don’t think that 90 percent of Australians didn’t realise that. And I noticed that when I first watched the trailer of Australian Paradise. I was like, oh my god. I’m going to stand out like a sore thumb. Just the way they edit it, it was a lot more serious than the American one. And then watching it back with the cast, I was like, oh my gosh, the cast take it a lot more seriously as well. I thought to myself, oh man, I’m going to stand out like a sore thumb.

You were presented as a bit of a villain in the editing. Did you know that going in, or were you a bit surprised when you watched it?

No no no no. I’m not surprised at all. The fact that I got asked to come down on a dating show in Australia just goes to show you that it’s all for entertainment’s sake. Why else would they bring me down? Do they actually think I could get married or engaged to a girl down in Australia? They bring me down for entertainment’s sake, that’s what it comes down to.

After I did my very first show, The Bachelorette, and I remember we filmed and filmed and filmed, and all the stuff I said, all the regular conversations, the day-to-day conversations, they didn’t air any of that. And I was like, this is stupid, what’s the point? I didn’t get any air time. I was like, what’s the point of being on TV if they don’t show any of that? I went into the next shows playing it up big time and being more extreme in every situation. A lot of extreme exaggeration, extreme sarcasm, just being weird and crazy. It worked. You get more air time. That’s what producers want, that’s what people want. Good or bad, you know. That’s why I’ve done all these shows. It gets people riled up.

So your goal is to get a bit of a profile and then – what’s next? If your goal isn’t to find love, what is your goal?

Well no. Don’t get me wrong, everyone wants to find love. But am I going to find it through dating shows? Probably not. Just ’cause I know the circumstances. But I like doing lots of things. After each show I’ve done, I didn’t realise I wanted to be on reality tv, I didn’t realise that one show would lead to another, but it kind of just naturally happened that way. And as time has gone on, I’m like yeah. I’ll admit to it, I’m not going to deny it. That’s the thing, I don’t lie. All these people are like “Oh, I’m only here for love”, and like, shut up.

First off, we’re all getting paid. Number two, some people are making pacts beforehand, saying, oh, we’re going to make it to the end so we get paid more. It’s like, if you’re on TV in the first place, obviously you like attention. Obviously we’re all here for a variety of reasons, like who doesn’t want to go to Fiji, and who doesn’t want to have some fun? So what’s next? Well, I’m not going to go into too much detail yet until it’s for sure, but I’m definitely going to be on TV again, probably.

So you guys do get paid?

The very first show we do, The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you don’t get paid unless you’re the main guy or girl. Which makes sense, ’cause you’re still there to find love, but the other reason it makes sense is for the network. Millions of people want to do this and they’ll do it for free, so you don’t have to pay anyone. Plus on top of that, you realise that the cast is going to make a lot of money through endorsements afterwards and through appearances, which is what I’ve done. I’ve made most of my money through appearances afterwards, and I’ve done some endorsements. That’s why you can justify it.

And then after the shows, you do get paid. and you should. I take time out of my day, out of my month, and I put my whole life on hold. So I should get paid to cover rent and basic stuff back home. If you also think about it, how much money they’re making off of us? The network? They’re making millions of dollars. So of course they should pay us. Even if it’s more than just covering your rent. I’m putting my life on hold. I’m making myself look good or bad. I should get some money

You said earlier that some of the boys had told you that you’d said something to make her mad. She said something along the same lines, but Bachelor In Paradise didn’t air that clip. What was it that you said to Laurina?

I think it might have been something about her bum. I think she had a nice bum. I think that’s all it was. I remember later Keira said that I’d said something, and I was like, what? That’s it? I was surprised. I’m pretty sure that’s what it was, it was something like that she had a nice bum.

You say some pretty outrageous comments.

Of course, yeah.

So you’re basically saying that you’re surprised it seemed to be a more innocent comment that had her riled up.

Well, listen. Like I said, I’m pretty sure that’s what I said. I don’t care about it anymore, or even at the time, I didn’t really care. I didn’t realise I offended her, and if I did, I apologise, but again, I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. I wasn’t doing anything maliciously. Like I said, I can’t even remember. I don’t mind saying the odd thing here or there, but I think there’s a line that I don’t think I would cross.

And finally: do you believe that you “made Paradise great again”?

No. I just wasn’t there long enough. I think if I could have had enough time, I could have, but unfortunately no. Again, that was a joke, obviously. I wouldn’t compare myself to using full Trump. 90 percent of the stuff that comes out of my mouth on TV is for entertainment purposes. The conversations I have that aren’t on camera with the girls, those are real, obviously, but they don’t show those. But everything else is mostly for entertainment’s sake of it, you know.

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