COVID-19 has changed the game for a lot of reality shows, from The Amazing Race to The Bachelor and, naturally, it will also impact Bachelor In Paradise, which usually films in Fiji.

Because there’s no rest for the wicked, the series is reportedly expected to press on with the next season, and casting has already begun.

The Wash reports that while it’s unclear when the show will begin filming, producers are confident that they’ll find a way to make it happen.

Since we can’t travel internationally, Fiji’s Mango Bay Resort is out, and apparently Noosa is being eyed as the prime location for the fourth season of the show. That, of course, will depend on what happens with Queensland’s border, however.

Ciarran Stott

Ciarran Stott made headlines on the daily for his behaviour in this year’s season. (Credit: Ten)

The publication adds that “key alumni (a.k.a. the bigger names)” from previous seasons have been “approached” for the next season, and if it goes ahead, they can pack their bags.

While the report doesn’t list any specific names, my money’s on Matt Agnew, since his single now, Angie Kent, also single now, and maybe even Carlin Sterritt to stir up some drama with Ang (just like that time when they threw exes Richie Strahan and Alex Nation into Paradise together).

I can’t tell you who’s been asked, but I can tell you who has not been asked, and that’s contestants from this year’s Bachelor, presumably to avoid leaking Locky Gilbert’s winner (ahem, looking at you, Nadine).

While every year of Bachelor In Paradise has been spicy, the 2020 season really was something else, wasn’t it?

From Keira Maguire’s snarky remarks to Ciarran and Timm Hanly perpetuating that lame-ass bro code, we were gulping tea on the daily.

So the question is, will the next season live up to the chaos of this year? Well, have a peek at our little trip down BIP memory lane to remind yourself that the island-based show is never short of drama, no matter who’s on it (or where it is).