Ali From ‘Bachie In Paradise’ Has Defended The Complete Immobility Of Her Face

Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise had some major moments  – namely, the very excellent entrance of openly queer contestant Megan, the excruciating awkwardness between Michael and Tara – but we also welcomed the amazing Ali Oetjen, a delightfully unhinged contestant from way back in season one of The Bachelor.

When Ali swanned into the resort complex in Fiji where our Bachie fam is staying, the guys straight up couldn’t keep their eyes in their heads or tongues in their mouth at the very SIGHT of the 31-year-old blonde.

This extremely neanderthal reaction led some of the other girls to get more than a little salty, namely Flo, who was the apple of every bloke’s eye in Episode 1.

In a piece to camera, Flo described Ali as looking “like Malibu Barbie” and pointed out that “her face doesn’t really move”. Um, Flo, have you looked around? Nobody’s faces move on this show, mate.

But today Ali has hit back at the insinuation that she’s had some cheeky help in the facial department, telling radio hosts Stav, Abbey and Matt on HIT105‘s brekky show that she  certainly has not had work done… on her forehead at least. “I hadn’t even had Botox in my forehead before”, she told the hosts, but wouldn’t elaborate on other places she might have been jabbed.

Ali then served up another shutdown: “Maybe my face isn’t moving cause I’m not reacting to the [other Bachie] girls’ comments.”

WHAT? Ali, that doesn’t even make sense unless you’re Michael, whose face literally remains the same even when his heart is being torn apart on national television.

Bachelor In Paradise Michael

Whether this is thanks to Botox or him being completely devoid of human emotion, we’re still not sure.

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