‘Bachelor’ Fave Megan Says She Wasn’t “Even Close” To Falling For Richie

ICYM The Bachelor drama last night, front-runner Megan walked out on Richie and quite possibly broke his precious heart for good. Those rumours we reported on a few weeks ago were true. The girl from Geraldton was gone.

If you haven’t seen the moment of tragedy yet, catch up real quick:

Honestly, it looks like Richie is actually, deeply cut about getting dumped on national television (which is not even the first time it’s happened this season, let alone in his life).
That could be because he apparently had no warning that Megan’s shock exit was coming, even from producers who – as Sam Frost points out – could have picked something up on her mic and warned him.
“I was a bit sneaky about it, I didn’t really tell anyone,” Megan told Rove & Sam this morning. “The only person I told was Alex.” 
Megan said she’d been thinking about it for a week, and that – as she said as much to Richie – it was because the environment of a reality dating show just wasn’t conducive to falling in love. Who knew?
“The environment was just too distracting for me, there was just a lot of drama going on” she said. “I really feel like for me to fall in love with someone I need to have quite a lot of contact with them, and after my single date I didn’t talk to Richie really, not even really at cocktail parties or on group dates. It was all sort of really on-the-go, and it just wasn’t happening for me.” 

“One day, we were halfway through the series and I thought, I’m not even close to falling in love with him.”
Obviously this whole thing was filmed months ago, and Richie is apparently super loved-up with whoever he chose in the final rose ceremony in Bali. But y’know, the bloke looked like he was genuinely hurting. Hopefully he can find comfort in one of his 11 other girlfriends.
Source: 2DayFM.
Photo: The Bachelor.