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One truth about Australia you may or may not find endearing is that we use reality television as not only a shared entertainment experience but also a means by which we discourse on issues of great philosophical importance, like whether it’s okay to call someone a “dog cunt” or not.

This was the central question of tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. The allegation was this: Monique, incensed by the fact that Matt kissed Abbie at a party, called him a “disrespectful pig” and – yes – a “dog cunt”. It was a whole thing.

Of course, the word ‘cunt’ contains a multitude of rich meanings in Australian English, but the modifier ‘dog’ certainly suggests a negative. Perhaps you disagree. I’m not here to debate sociolinguistics with you. I’m here to take the pulse of the nation on the “dog cunt” issue via a series of random but hopefully illuminating tweets.

Here’s where you all stood:

I understand you might be hitting ‘dog cunt fatigue’ as a result of reading the phrase ‘dog cunt’ over and over, but I need you to stay with me.


OK that one isn’t at all related to The Bachelor, but I think you get the gist.