In a timely and necessary nod to inclusivity, The Bachelor Australia has, for the first time ever, cast a penguin among the hopefuls who’ll be vying for Locky‘s affections this year.

The show, which has repeatedly faced criticism for a lack of diversity in its casting, officially unveiled the first crop of bachelorettes on Instagram earlier today.

The four hopefuls announced this morning were Bella, Irena, Rosemary and Steph, and as you’ll see below, Rosemary is the first aquatic bird in Bachelor history to join the cast.

This is indeed a watershed moment for representation on Aussie screens. We’re puffin up with pride. We’re … I dunno, wet with anticipation. I’m all out of penguin jokes but please put your flippers together, folks:

Earlier this week, sister show Bachelor In Paradise copped criticism for lack of diversity in its casting after unveiling three ‘intruders’ Connor, Tim and Chris.

Yesterday, 10 announced that Locky Gilbert’s season will kick off on Wednesday, August 12.

Thanks to COVID, this season will likely be different than any that has come before it, featuring virtual single dates, as well as group dates that took place during lockdown.

We have no idea how this will all shake out, and whether Zoom dates will kill any of the romance, but we’re certainly intrigued.