Bachelor bachelor Blake Garvey – who, to preempt your question, is still inexplicably a thing that people still very much do care about – has made headlines yet again, after being forced to call police to help him evade paparazzi in Thailand.

News Limited report that Garvey and girlfriend Louise Pillidge have been spending this weekend in lovely Koh Samui being photographed for an exclusive story by a magazine.

This may be the “overseas love nest” that we reported on yesterday, or it may be an entirely different overseas love nest. WHO EVEN KNOWS WITH THIS GUY?

An Australian photographer reportedly followed the pair to Thailand to snap some surreptitious photos, but he came in so hot that Garvey and Pillidge’s only means of escape was to rush to the airport, reportedly with a police escort to get them there.

Yes, this Bachelor drama has escalated to the point where police are involved.

Garvey and Pillidge are reportedly safely “holed up” on another island somewhere in Thailand. Their exclusive Woman’s Day interview will run tomorrow, after which they will appear on The Project, as is customary in these circumstances.