In what was a brutal, albeit fair decision, Jimmy Nicholson chose to send Ashleigh Freckleton home on The Bachelor Australia in Thursday night’s episode, after realising that they would be better off as mates.

Jimmy, who from the get go said he wanted to be honest with the women and not lead them on, did just that when he pulled Ashleigh aside at the cocktail party to tell her his decision. It was still absolutely tough to watch though, I sucked in one hell of a breath because we’ve all either a) been in Ashleigh’s position before or b) know someone who has been.

We chatted to Ashleigh about her time on The Bachelor Australia, here’s what she had to say.

PEDESTRIAN.TV: Can you talk me through your time with Jimmy? ‘Cos we didn’t get to see too much of it on TV.

Ashleigh Freckleton: Yeah, you didn’t see a lot of my time with Jimmy. Especially in the early days, we did have a lot of moments together and we chatted a lot. At the other cocktail parties, I did do some things for him – I wrote him a poem, and I gave him some chocolate freckles, because that’s my nickname.

I also took a photo album with pictures of my family, so I could share those really strong family values. We had a really nice time going through the pictures of my family and where I’m from. So yeah, there were a lot of really nice moments between us that unfortunately we didn’t get to see, but they were there.

PTVDid you feel a spark with Jimmy? 

AF: Yeah, I did! But in saying that, you know, sometimes I feel things or see things that aren’t there. So I was starting to feel a bit nervous, because I was like, ‘Okay, I know I feel something but I’m not sure if he’s feeling the same way.’

PTVAnd how was that final one-on-one time with Jimmy?

AF: It was actually really nice. It’s funny because everyone seems to think that the issue was our timelines were misaligned, but really I think what it came down to was nothing to do with timelines and everything to do with chemistry.

Chemistry and compatibility are two very different things, and the compatibility actually really worked but the chemistry was really lacking. I think a friendship chemistry was there, like the conversation was really easy and every time that Jimmy and I spent time together it felt really good. But it just wasn’t the chemistry that was needed.

PTVSo, did you have a feeling Jimmy was about to send you home when he pulled you aside?

AF: Not at all! Not even in the slightest. I even half expected him to give me a rose.

PTV: Oh no! 

AF: [laughs] Yeah, so I was obviously blindsided. I was like, ‘Oh, he’s taking me away to give me a rose!’ I was actually feeling really good about our interaction, so I was like, ‘Oh, that was a shock!’

PTV: For sure, but were you happy with the way Jimmy handled it?

AF: Yeah, I was really grateful to him. I think you could see in the conversation, there’s so much mutual respect. And I think the way that he did it was because there was a true connection there on a friendship level. I’m flattered that he even felt strongly enough that he needed to do things that way.

PTVAnd what was that goodbye like? 

AF: It was tough, because it was unexpected, you know? You’ve spent weeks and weeks there and then all of a sudden, this journey just came crashing to a screeching halt unexpectedly. And, you know, you blink and you’re on the way home. You’re like, ‘What just happened?’

I feel like I didn’t get any closure because Osher [Günsberg] wasn’t there to tell me that I didn’t get a rose. Going in I thought this ends one of two ways: I’m going to be there at the end or Osher whispers to me that I didn’t get a rose. I didn’t have either of those, I didn’t get the closure!

PTVWould you have preferred the Osher route? 

AF: No, ultimately no. When I weigh out the pros and cons, I really would have preferred it the way we had because it was all organic and natural. It was nice and private, and the only hard thing about it was not being able to say goodbye to any of the girls.

PTV: Would you head back to the Bachie franchise if given a chance?

AF: Yeah, absolutely.

PTVBachie in Paradise?

AF: Yes! Can I just please be the next Alisha [Aitken-Radburn] and Glenn [Smith]?!

The Bachelor Australia airs 7.30pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays on Channel 10.

Image: Network 10