Last night’s rose ceremony was a doozy – maybe the most drama-filled one for Bachelor 2018, tbh. Vanessa Sunshine‘s elimination saw her stiffly kiss Nick Cummins goodbye on the cheek, then blank all the remaining women, walking off with her head held high.

While Vanessa did walk off with confidence – in our interview with the surprise star of this season, she says things went down very differently.

Here’s our chat.

"Ain't no sunshine when she's gone", sadly the sun sets on #VanessaSunshine ❤❤❤

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PTV: So you’ve become somewhat of a hero since leaving the show. Did you expect that?

V: No, not really. Like, you always get to do a photo and a caption underneath on Instagram, and I was kind of like, you know what? I just wanted people to hear it from my own mouth. So, I was like, I’ll just upload a video and, yeah, it went a bit crazy. [laughs] I didn’t expect it at all, but it’s lovely and I’m very flattered.

PTV: What were you expecting going into The Bachelor?

V: I was very open-minded. Like I said, I really didn’t have a preconceived idea of the Bachelor. I never thought he was definitely ‘the one’ for me, and I think that’s what was different about my approach to it.

I feel like, it might not have mattered who you actually put it front of some of the other girls, in this season and previous seasons, as well. It kind of seems that they automatically fall for him, and I know it’s not normal the way I came across… not that it’s not normal, but it’s different – it hadn’t really been seen before. So, I get it – you know, I’ve come in and I’m like, ‘hmm, not really actually sure if I want you or not’. So I was open-minded.

PTV: You were portrayed as a villain at first. What did you think of that?

V: The first day, I remember they said, like, ‘she loves to party’. And I was like ‘urgh’. I did say that, but I said it in the context of the cocktail party. Like, I’m gonna be the life of the party! And I remember all my friends contacted me, and they were like ‘what the hell?’, ‘cos I don’t drink alcohol. I haven’t touched a drop in nearly three years, and they were all like, ‘what the hell? you hate to party’. Like, ‘you don’t even drink!’ [Laughs]

And I remember being like, ‘oh no, everyone’s going to be thinking I hit the clubs every weekend!’, and that’s not true at all. Look, it’s TV, so obviously there is a bit of editing here and there, but at the end of the day, the content is there for them to use. They’re not pulling it from absolutely no where.

PTV: When you first met Nick seemed weird, too…

V: It’s not how it went down at all. Like, of course I told him where my home town was, and we actually had a bit of a laugh and a dance, and things like that, and it went on for quite a lot longer than it was shown on telly. But for the most part, I have no complaints in that department, as to how I’ve been portrayed. I know, at the end of the day, I really was myself so whatever they were going to use, they were going to use. And I was okay with that.

PTV: Was that awkward Nick date as awkward as it seemed on TV?

V: It was a little bit awkward at the start, to be honest. There’s obviously a whole other hour of footage that’s probably never going to see the light of day. The start was a little awkward, but that’s dating, isn’t it? It’s like two strangers meeting.

For me, a guy coming up to me and going, ‘oh, pull up a stump Vanessa, talk to me’, I’m thinking in my head ‘oh my goodness’, like this is as bad as a guy sliding into my DM’s and going ‘yo, what’s up, peace sign emoji’! And I go, ‘what am I supposed to do with this?’and then the poor bloke… I shut down his Dad jokes and he doesn’t really know how to react to that. But we kind of just worked through it, and we actually ended up having a really nice time.

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PTV: Did you have any idea who the Bachelor would be before arriving?

V: I had no clue. You actually don’t know. Like, none of the girls are told who the Bachelor is. Obviously, for me, I genuinely had no clue who Nick was. I really just thought he was some dude. [Laughs] Obviously I clicked on later that he was a footballer and things like that, but I wasn’t aware of his celebrity status and I definitely wasn’t aware until I left the house and could use the Internet and Google and Youtube him and things like that, ‘cose we don’t have that in the house.

That’s when I kind of realised that, ‘oh, that was his trademark look. This is what his known for. People are mimicking that.’ So, I when I was saying, you know, he needs a bit of a shave and a haircut, I wasn’t saying that in a malicious way. It’s just what I thought at the time. But, I get it – I have hair that’s almost past my ass, so if long, golden, curly locks and a moustache is his things, it’s his thing.

PTV: Yeah people were kind of offended that you weren’t into his look.

V: But, straight off the bat, I can’t help it if I’m not into that. I’m also very aware of the way that I am, and it’s very rare for me to look at a man and go, ‘yep, I want that’ or, ‘yep, that’s someone I would jump’. For me, it’s how someone treats me, it’s how I treat him, it’s how, you know, the conversation… it’s such a turn on for me. At the end of day, someone can be hot, but I can’t build a life and a future with hotness. Like, good for you if you’re hot, but what am I going to do with that? It’s just not enough.

I know I don’t like just being judged upon my looks, so I should maybe give this guy a chance, and see what he’s about. That’s what you kind of see on my one-on-one time… I kind of wanted to see what he was about when you took away… Because Nick is known for his ocker slang and Dad jokes. Like, that’s it. Well, no, not that that’s it, but that is what he is mainly known for and I was like, ‘what else is there?’, because I don’t know if that’s going to be enough to keep me intrigued. I was also a little put off on my one-on-one time.

When he was like, ‘do you not understand the Dad jokes’, and I kind of clicked in straight away, and was like, ‘no, I understand them. I just don’t think they were funny.’ I kind of felt like maybe he was just implying like I wasn’t smart enough to understand it, and I didn’t appreciate that. It rubbed me the wrong way a little bit, but I kind of got over it, and was like, ‘well, he’s obviously not used to people not laughing at them’. [Laughs]

PTV: You were labelled as bitchy by the public, but you talk about having ‘bitchy resting face’. Were you shocked at people labelling you that way?

V: No, not really, because I’ve had it all my life, so it’s not something new. So I obviously knew going in… like I was pretty prepared that people who say those things, because I get it in my normal life anyway. I’m just so used to people commenting on my appearance, and obviously I don’t express a lot of emotions. I do smile and laugh but it’s genuinely when I’m happy and in that moment. It doesn’t feel natural to just sit there and smile all the time. [Laughs] I really am happy, but it just doesn’t show on my face all the time. But at the end of the day, I don’t think I should be judged just because my face doesn’t show emotion all the time. It doesn’t mean that someone’s a bad person or anything like that.

PTV: Who do you think will win?

V: I think Britt’s in the running.

PTV: Let’s talk about your exit, because you don’t hug any of the other girls…

V: Yeah, that’s not how it went down. Obviously I stood there for a couple of seconds, but I was pretty calm and collected. I just went up Nick and I hugged him goodbye and I said to him, you know, ‘I hope you find whatever and whoever it is that you’re looking for’. I then went back and I hugged all the girls except for Romy and then I walked off.

PTV: Have you are Romy still got bad blood between you?

V: Oh, like, I’m not calling her up to hang out if that’s what you’re asking. [Laughs]

PTV: Have you had brunch now, after THAT famous line?

V: I had never heard of brunch before I moved to Melbourne, so that’s the only reason I said it! You know, I don’t have a favourite. I think, with Melbourne, the beauty is there’s always something new happening and there’s always new places popping up. So, it’s pretty rare that I go to the same place all the time. I’m pretty adventurous and I like to expand my horizons At the moment I really like Hobba in Prahran. That’s probably one of my favourites at the moment.

PTV: Everyone wants to know if you’d be our next Bachelorette.

V: [Laughs] I’ve heard that. Look, I’m open to whatever opportunities come my way.

PTV: Would you eliminate guys on the spot, during the introductions?

V: Look, I don’t know. I think maybe if someone was really disrespectful or making racial slurs or something like that. But yeah, I don’t know, that’s a big call. It would really depend on in the moment and if I’m even hypothetically allowed to do that.

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