Tremendous News! Baby Yoda Has Been Baptised & Will No Longer Spend Eternity In Hell

Thank you, hot priest.

The immediate reaction upon witnessing the creature popularly known as Baby Yoda in the television program The Mandalorian is two-fold. The first feeling, obviously, is unconditional love — this precious green blob with points can do no wrong and must be protected at all costs. The second is a quiet panic. ‘I love this creature more than life,’ you think to yourself. ‘But what if Baby Yoda has not formed a personal, loving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and thus will be condemned to an eternity in Hell, forced to endure countless aeons in the shadow of God’s light?’ We’ve all felt it.

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Well, thankfully, while everything else that is happening on this planet is only ever becoming more of a cause for alarm, this is one thing that you can stop worrying about. By virtue of the fact that, every single day, every conceivable piece of content is being created all the time by 7 billion monkeys at 7 billion typewriters, the wheel of the universe has already spun around to ‘Baby Yoda baptised by an actual priest’.

Thanks to Episcopal priest Father David Peters, in a process he documented on TikTok, Baby Yoda has been baptised in the faith:

Peters, a Texas-based minister, is extremely active on TikTok, believing that viral videos are a good a way as any to get the good word out to the kids.