It’s a fact that Christmas is infinitely more fun when you’re a kid — there’s the whole Santa thing, it’s school holidays, you get bulk presents and life is good. But when you’re a baby or toddler, you’re so little you can’t fathom what is going on. But for us people with babies and little ones in our family / friendship circle, we still have to buy them a token gift. So what to buy?

I’m currently up le duff so have been trawling baby sites for months, and figured I would share my expert knowledge of fun baby / kid pressies so you don’t have to think of anything. I also made sure they were all under 50 bucks, of course.

1. Cute Buckets

Baby Gift Guide
Skip Hop Explore & More Zoo Stack & Pour Buckets, $24.99

For babies that can actually use their hands, buckets for the beach or bath or even backyard are a fun option, and this set from excellent baby product site The Memo are perfect. Fun fact, one of my earliest memories is sitting on a beach playing with my set of Sesame Street buckets just pouring endless amounts of water and sand into each of them. Simple pleasures and all that.

2. A Cool Outfit

Baby Gift Guide
Gorman Cha Cha Cheetahs Legging, $29 and Cha Cha Cheetahs Tee, $39

Iconic Aussie brand Gorman now have a kids range called PLAYGROUND, and it’s just as colourful as their grown-ups stuff. Mostly unisex and ranging in sizes from 2-5, it’s a good gift for the young, stylish child in your life. Who doesn’t want to wear a matching set featuring boldly coloured animals? I wish it fit me, tbh.

3. A Sun Hat

Halcyon Nights Sun Days Reversible Bucket Hat, $29.00

No hat no play (is that still a thing?), and these hats from The Memo are the bloody cutest for the littler tots in your life. A very sensible, sun-safe gift that is also very cool, design-wise. Plus it’s like two presents in one because it’s REVERSIBLE. Genius.

4. On-Trend Skincare

Baby Gift Guide
Gro-To Nighty Night Set, $47

Zoë Foster Blake‘s skincare brand isn’t just for us adults — this year the (cool) mum of two released Gro-To, a range of products designed for young ‘uns and their often sensitive skin. There’s a whole heap of baby options, but this little set promises to help with a restful night’s sleep, so the kid’s parents will thank you forever.

5. A Book

Where’s Mrs Kangaroo?, Ingela P Arrhenius, $14.95

Instead of a toy they’ll toy aside in 5 minutes or an outfit they will grow out of, it can be nice to buy a baby a little book for the parentals to read to them. Kids will love the bright colours and cute Aussie critters in this sweet little book from The Memo, and it’s a super affordable option at an expensive time of year, too.

6. Useful Bath Stuff

Liewood Sylvester Wash Cloth Trio, $49.95

It’s a fact universally known that babies and kids are grubby. They roll around in dirt, get food all over themselves and throw up at random occasions. So that’s why I love these face washer mits from The Memo — a set of 3 shaped like little critters, they might actually make the de-griming process fun each night.

7. A Novelty Cup

Frank Green Franksters Ceramic Reusable Cup, $41.95

‘Cos BPA-free good for the environment keep cups aren’t just for adults, Frank Green have made these cute-as kiddie sized versions that fit in pram and car cup holders and are insulated to keep drinks cool during what promises to be a sweltering summer. There’s a blue and a pink version available if you want to give ~gendered~ baby gifts, but I just love the little blue dude’s face.

8. Wooden Toys

Le Toy Van Bird House Shape Sorter, $29.95

Speaking of good for the environment, how about you ditch the plastic toys for good old fashioned wooden ones? UK brand Le Toy Van makes the most adorable wood-based toys for little ones, and this bird house puzzle is good for stimulating developing baby brains. Fun and educational — the parents will love ya.

Image: The Memo