Aziz Ansari Smashed An In-N-Out Burger After Making Golden Globes History

Aziz Ansari might consider himself a ‘Master of None’, but that’s not completely true. He is a master of some… namely making entertainment history.

The 34-year-old actor slash comedian slash filmmaker made history at the Golden Globes yesterday by being the first ever Asian American male actor to win Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy for his show, ‘Master of None‘.

In his acceptance speech, Ansari took an important moment to thank “Italy for all the amazing food we ate in Season 2.”

Given geographical issues, he couldn’t indulge in an authentic Sicilian feast post-Globes, so he instead went for America’s finest cuisine: In-N-Out burger.

Accompanied by co-star Eric Wareheim, Ansari dropped into the California burger chain’s Sunset Boulevard location to pick himself up a lil’ burg. And yes, by the look of things, he held his precious globe tight the entire time.

And he wasn’t the only one indulging in some Animal Style sustenance after the awards ceremony.

Shortly after winning Best Director for ‘The Shape of Water‘, filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro said to hell with the official afterparty and instead drove straight to custardy-milkshake making heaven:

If this proves anything, it’s that no matter the function – a suburban wedding, an uppity cocktail party or the freakin’ Golden Globes – you’ll always leave hankering for a burger.

Celebrities: they’re just like us.