Azealia Banks’ Twitter Suspended After Wildly Racist Zayn Malik Tweets

Azealia Banks‘ Twitter account appears to have been suspended, following a series of racist and utterly disgusting tweets directed at Zayn Malik.

Her latest vitriolic digital spew had already seen her kicked off the lineup of UK festival Born & Bred, with festival organisers explaining that they “celebrate inclusivity and equality”.

And now it appears that Twitter has finally cracked it and suspended her account.

This is what you’ll see if you give @AZEALIABANKS a visit:

What finally pushed Twitter over the edge was Azealia’s racist tirade against Zayn Malik, which transcended even Azealia-levels of harassment – and all because she thought Zayn had copied one of her music videos.

(Screenshots courtesy of UniLad and BuzzFeed because yeah, that shit is suspended.)

Honestly, this whole thing is a mess. Azealia got clapped back by everyone from Skai Jackson to Lily Allen to pretty much every UK rapper and/or DJ. But the sub-tweet of the year award has to go to Zayn himself:

She attempted to fix things by deleting the Zayn tweets, saying: “I love to disturb people because only by disturbing them I can make them think.” Twitter users saw past this extraordinarily flawed logic and publicly called on others to report her account direct to Twitter.

But yeah… nah. Azealia’s reps have so far declined to comment. Unconfirmed reports suggest they are otherwise occupied by seeing how many times their forehead can hit the desk before they explode and die.

Photo: Getty / Tim Mosenfelder.