Distraught ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Fans Offered ‘Grief Counselling’ At Comic-Con

The harrowing finale of Avengers: Infinity War left Marvel fans everywhere in a state of ruin and for many (myself included), that pain has not yet subsided.

So when pop-culture nuts converged in San Diego for Comic-Con over the weekend, the organisers thought it wise to take the opportunity to put together a grief counselling activation to help “traumatised” fans cope with the loss.

Treated like a traditional therapy session, fans lined up at a booth, put on a name tag, and entered an air-conditioned room where an actor talks with the group about their best memories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in an effort to bolster their spirits.

According to Gizmodo, questions included “What’s your first memory of the MCU? What was something it did that surprised you? What was it like when you saw the end of Infinity War? Who was the most shocking loss?”

The session comes with a free donut (score!), a viewing of a deleted scene from the Infinity War Blu-ray and a t-shirt.

At the exit, there were giant Hulk hands to hug devo fans, ironic considering the character did absolutely NOTHING to help stop Thanos in the film but that’s neither here nor there.

While I’m disappointed that I wasn’t there to undergo some much needed post-Infinity War therapy, the fact that there are some deleted scenes to look forward to has really perked me up.

The flick will be available on DVD in Australia on August 15, so mark you calendars and hide your infinity stones.