Hurl Your Phone Into The Sea, There’s Leaked ‘Endgame’ Footage Kicking About

In case you are worried: There are absolutely zero spoilers in this article. If you came here actively looking for spoilers: You can figure that out on your own, you sick fuck.

[jwplayer Il4acKr2]

With less than two weeks to go before Avengers: Endgame hits our screens, Marvel’s best attempts at keeping the film entirely under lock and key have gone awry, with what appears to be a highlights reel of footage kicking around Reddit, YouTube, and Twitter.

Because we’re now at the stage where the footage we are seeing is very much secondhand, it’s hard to say if what I saw is the complete footage in its original state, but what I managed to look at was just shy of 5 minutes of various scenes shot on a phone in absolutely horrendous quality, with what appears to be Arabic subtitles.

Other than muting keywords and hashtags on whichever platforms allow you to do that, basically your only foolproof way of avoiding accidentally catching a GIF or a screenshot or a snippet of footage is going full Henry David Thoreau and retreating into the woods. Sorry about that.