‘Australian Survivor’ Drops A Teaser For S3 & Good Luck Battling An Olympian

Make no bones about it: Survivor is the greatest reality/game show ever conceived for television. It is the be-all, end-all. The beginning and the end. Those that came before and after it pale in comparison. And though it’ll never quite attain the dizzying heights set by the evergreen US version, Australian Survivor is as good as it gets as far as locally-produced fare is concerned.

The Network Ten reboot of the hugely popular and enduring format has had two full seasons to find its way; crowning Kristie Bennett and Jericho Malabonga champions in two rounds of straight-up, ordinary, out-of-the-box gameplay.

But for season three, it seems we’re taking a page out of the latter day US series book by slapping a big ole’ theme on the season. And, as the show revealed late yesterday, it’s a doozy:

Champions vs Challengers.

A teaser for the series, which has a premiere date TBA, reveals the first handful of contestants, including “champions” like former dual-code rugby international Mat Rogers, current AFLW player Moana Hope, and five-time Olympic medalist Shane Gould. All those people competing against regular-ass punters. Yep.


There you have it.

The sub-title seems to suggest that the champions and challengers will be split neatly down the middle, forming one tribe each in the early stages of the game. But that’s not confirmed as of yet, and it’s still entirely possible they’ll pull some weird shit like shuffling everyone up to make the theme utterly pointless.

While it’s not gonna hold a candle to the latest US theme of Ghost Island which was DOPE AS HELL, it’s still Survivor. And Survivor still absolutely owns.

We’re bloody ready.