Based on some rumblings on social media, it looks like Australian Survivor has started airing over in the UK (and god knows where else) and the Brits have had words to say about the Down Under rendition of the world-renowned reality show.

Over the weekend, I spotted meme lord and astrology god Sebastian Tribbie (@youvegotnomale), who’s from the US but is currently residing in the UK, delving into a recent season of the show on his Instagram.

He took particular interest in one Locky Gilbert, who starred in the All Stars season of Australian Survivor before ending up on The Bachelor, writing: “Amazon switched from Mad Men to the Australian version of Survivor and this man Locky literally looks like Henry Cavill. He is, like, beyond hot.” He added, “Terrible chest piece tattoo, though.”

Then in a subsequent story, he wrote: “It says strength and honour.”

That it does, mate. That it does…

As he was bombarded with a bunch of DMs filling him in on who Locky Gilbert is and what his career has been like since Australian Survivor, Sebastian wrote:

“Well good morning to me and literally 200 DMs saying Locky was the Australia Bachelor and was shit.

I have never gotten so many DMs saying the same thing before but also damn, I also have a lot of Aussie Mallers.”

Including yours truly, who was among the 200 DMs.

Elsewhere on social media, I’ve noticed a bunch of chatter about Australian Survivor on Twitter with overseas viewers just discovering the bonkers show and loving every wild-ass minute.

Peep some of the Twitter commentary to Australian Survivor below:

Meanwhile the brand spanking new season of Australian Survivor, titled Survivor: Brains vs Brawn, is coming to Ten on July 18.

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