Australian Suburb Could Be Forced To Change Its Name To South Park

Enacted off the back of the WA State Government’s decision to reduce the number of metropolitan councils in the state by half, the conscious municipal coupling of the Victoria Park and South Perth council areas is now poised to taste the chocolate salty balls of bureaucracy and change its name to South Park.

WA Today reports: “The West Australian government is pushing ahead with forced council amalgamations – despite promises to the contrary before the 2013 election. The City of South Perth has joined legal action against the amalgamations, while the Town of Victoria Park is angry that the City of Perth has annexed James Packer’s Crown Casino from within its council borders. But there’s an air of resignation, with South Perth councillors last week resolving to name the merged entity City of South Park.”   
Of the handful of suggestions thrown out there – South Park, South Bank, Yaragan, Curtin and Twin Rivers – the one which would eventually emerge as favourite was also the one the internet would want. 
“I’m sure it will put a smile on the faces of some residents when they read the word South Park,” South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty. “Let’s face it, we’re going to get a lot of Google hits aren’t we?”

Trevor Vaughan, Victoria Park Mayor, agreed. “If it weren’t for that funny cartoon it would actually be a pretty good name,” he said. “If it were called South Park, then I would be using the name to activate the city. You could use it with signage and make it a place to visit – play on it.” 
Let’s hope it sticks. 
Via WA Today