Australian Roads Slowly Morphing Into Russia As Dash Cam Use Spreads

Thanks to the marvel of modern technology, hangover recovery these days doesn’t really need to venture too far beyond the couch. Menulog or your favourite chain store pizza app will sort you out on the greasy food frontier, whilst everything else is generally eased by punching one of three key phrases into YouTube:

  • “Parkour fails”
  • “Stupid game show answers”
  • “Russian dash cam”
The ensuing rabbit hole you fall down by following any one of those three will soak up many joyful hours of the day as your body soaks up whatever remaining hell you put into it the night before.
But it’s the Russian dash cam compilations in particular where the most amount of wonder lies. The weird, wacky, and downright bizarre shit that gets captured my Russian motorists – most of whom legally have to have dashboard cameras installed for insurance purposes – is a treasure trove of cringing, near misses, and general schadenfreudic (shut up, it’s totally a word) hilarity.
Side-note: Those compilation videos also make for an excellent drinking game too, if you’re so inclined. Just drink every time a Fiat Uno is involved. Trust us when we say it’s usually a very quick game.
Australian motorists have cottoned on to the insurance/safety/general cringeworthy entertainment that capturing the dumb shit people do on our roads has, and Dash Cam usage is becoming more and more widespread.
In fact so common has it become, that Police are now warning people off becoming internet vigilantes by naming/shaming shitty drivers through posting videos of road incidents to YouTube.
Road Policing Command Inspector Simon Humphrey told the ABC, “Ideally we’d just prefer if people just concentrated on the road and they weren’t distracted with trying to capture footage of other drivers and behaviour generally. Worry about your own driving, don’t engage in vigilante behaviour.
The footage posted online largely by Australians largely consists of minor incidents and general bad behaviour. In cases of more serious accidents, police have been stepping in and asking for footage to be turned over.
But that has not stopped locals from uploading footage of all the minor blips, bingles, and brow furrowing decisions some of loonies on the road make.
Like this idiot trying to pull back onto the Westgate Freeway from an exit ramp.

Or this Divvy Van that somehow managed to cause a three-car prang.

‘Course these are all fairly tame compared to the unbridled lunacy that is Russian roads (disclaimer: you might wanna look away for the last one).

That’s about 7 or 8 Fiat Uno appearances in a 6 minute video. See what we mean?
via ABC News.