Australian Media Refuses To Stop Asking Hugh Jackman If He Is Gay

Actor who is definitely not gay despite the sexuality defining ability to sing and dance Hugh Jackman has appeared on 60 Minutes Australia to publicly confirm that he is still not gay since the last time the media checked in with him.

“If I was, I would be,” Jackman told the program. “I don’t think – it’s
to me not the most interesting thing about a person anyway, but ah – I
do get frustrated for Deb, ’cause I see Deb go “Ah, this is crazy”.”

The actor appeared alongside his wife of 17 years Debora-Lee Furness with whom he shares two children, his wife admitting that the speculation surrounding her husband’s sexuality was “annoying”. 

“It is just wrong, it’s like, it’s a lie,” she said. “It’s just offensive. If he was gay, fine, he would say he’s gay. It has
gotten so out of whack … it’s stupid, yeah, it’s annoying, because it’s
not true.”

The actor has previously discussed how not gay he is (or ever will be) in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “On some level”, he later admitted, “it’s a compliment”

So there you have it. Hugh Jackman, still not gay as of July 1st 2013. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.