An Aussie Version Of Ex On The Beach’s Coming & They’ve Already Asked A Bunch Of Reality Stars

ex on the beach

Woohoo: An Aussie version of Ex on the Beach is coming, so start preparing the popcorn because apparently a bunch of chaotic, D-grade reality stars have already been asked to appear on the reality series.

This hot goss comes from gossip podcast So Dramatic! whose little spies have spilled the tea on the saucy series. One of the first stars approached was Jessika Power, who turned the show down as she was dating rapper Filthy Fil at the time. TBH I don’t expect you to know who that is, because I’ve never heard of him either. BUT he must be making mad bank, if he was able to post this picture…

Another UK publication also confirmed that Jessika was approached. But it looks like she won’t be appearing, because So Dramatic! said she had “better offers” to choose from.

MAFSMichael Goonan was also approached for the show, along with exes Stacey Hampton and KC Osbourne. So far, it seems Michael is the only one confirmed to be on Ex on the Beach. He is also rumoured to have been offered “90,000 to go on the show for four weeks, plus the two weeks he will need to quarantine,” according to So Dramatic! It’s a lot of money, but I’d prefer my dignity TBH.

Mikey is also currently in a relationship with Maddie Bloom and is ok with him appearing on the show because it’s for his “career”, according to a close friend.

Before Maddie, Mikey was dating KC, who previously said that she’d only go on Ex on the Beach if Jessika Power wasn’t on it. So with Jess gone, that could very likely mean a yes.

Stacey, on the other hand, is embroiled in a legal battle for allegedly breaking COVID restrictions. The MAFS contestant was charged with three counts of breaching restrictions after going on an interstate holiday instead of self-isolating. Stacey could face fines up to $20,000 and two years in jail, if found guilty. However, she is apparently pulling strings to still have her five minutes of fame back for Ex on the Beach, but it all depends on the court case.

Ciarran Stott was also approached by the show, but it ultimately fell through because none of his exes (Jessica Brody, Renee Barrett and Kiki Morris) were keen to go on with him. Which is very fair considering what he put them all through.

God, this show is going to very juicy. I can feel it.