Aussie Photog Legend Becomes Accidental Face of Backyard US Gun Violence

A Sydney photographer has popped up in a pretty unlikely place, finding his photo featured in a devastating takedown of America‘s gun laws by Samantha Bee, following the shooting in Orlando.

Daniel Boud is a celebrated Sydney photographer who has shot bands like The Grates, Empire Of The Sun, Faith No More, Andrew WK and (hopefully everyone’s favourite band) Something For Kate – and, if you’re to believe a photo flashed onscreen on “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee“, he’s also a gun-crazed Floridian lunatic with no regard for firearm safety.
While this definitely isn’t the case, it sure looked that way – but that’ll happen if you take a stock image of a man leering at the camera a bit at a gun range and photoshop it over a backyard with kids in it:
Bee’s monologue went hard on America’s failure to address its obscene problem with gun violence in law, citing Australia‘s own response to the Port Arthur massacre as an example of how these problems can be tackled.
Watch the whole thing here and keep an eye out for a gun-happy Aussie photographer:
Photo: YouTube.