Talking thumb and host of the world’s most popular podcast – The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan has been sent packing on his own show by Aussie journalist and would-be nominee for the next Australian of the Year Josh Szeps. Further, I’m told “The Joe Rogan Experience” is also the name for the sensation your digestive system endures after processing two months worth of elk meat and consequently starts making weird noises.

Szeps made his appearance on episode number 1762 of Rogan’s podcast. The Aussie currently makes a living by hosting Afternoons with Josh Szeps on ABC Radio as well as a podcast titled Uncomfortable Conversations with Josh Szeps.

The conversation occurs during the three hours and five-minute-long episode when the pair begin talking about the risk of Myocarditis in young people as a side effect of the vaccine. According to Mayo Clinic, Myocarditis is a condition where the middle layer of the heart wall suffers inflammation due to viral infection.

Rogan asserts that there is an increased risk of Myocarditis from the vaccine. Szeps counters by arguing that while this is true, the risk of Myocarditis is actually eight times higher in people who have contracted COVID than in those who contract it after having the vaccine.

Joe then asks his producer to bring the scientific evidence up on the screen which swung in Szeps’ favour causing Rogan to admit he was being an absolute silly duffer. The host wrote on Twitter that “If anyone was going to make me look dumb on a podcast I’m glad it’s @Joshzepps…”

But despite Rogan being ostensibly gracious in defeat – it’s barely enough to overturn the huge amount of damage he has dealt and scepticism he has influenced within his global audience of millions.

What’s more – admitting you’re wrong in an argument about a rare side effect is not the same as admitting you’re wrong about your anti-vaccine stance as a whole.

Rogan has been a stoic anti-vaxxer since the beginning of the pandemic and famously got COVID late last year. When he did, he preached the unfounded benefits of the drug Ivermectin which is normally used as a horse dewormer for his treatment.

Endorsers of Ivermectin see it as the answer to ‘big pharma’ when in reality, it is produced by Merck – one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the entire world.

The situation has become so bad that this week 270 medical professionals penned an open letter to Spotify asking them to take action against Rogan’s misinformation.