Just in case the whole world didn’t already
see Australia as that nation of people who
like to drink and get rowdy, two
radio personalities have perfectly demonstrated the time honoured method of
forcing attention, making world news for their pants-free antics aboard Rihanna‘s seven day, seven country promo tour.

Nova Brisbane’s Tim Dormer, a guest on
Rihanna’s 777 private pane, succeeded in being ‘that guy’ when he took it all off to streak the
length of the media-packed plane at 30,000 feet. Not that Rihanna would take issue with
gratuitous nudity.

The press tour has been garnering negative
reviews from the 150 journos, photogs and assorted media species on board,
mostly due to a lack of access to Rihanna herself; and clearly not even copius amounts of in-flight drinks has been able to stop the angry press gang from taking to Twitter threatening mutiny.

Dormer’s nekkid shenanigans come only days
after another Australian representative on board was berated by his peers for a highly annoying,
impromptu musical performance. Fox FM Melbourne’s Michael Christian or (“this Australian motherf*#ker” as he was dubbed on Twitter) managed to further piss off his fellow sleep- and Rihanna-deprived 777ers with comedic intentions and a harmonica.  So proud.

You can watch footage of Dormer’s nudie run below: 

Words By Nikki Brogan