Aussie Journo Crashes Thanksgiving Via Mistaken Identity

God bless the internet. For all the insidious and flat our disturbing behaviour it breeds, noble and strangely life-affirming deeds can come of the information super highway. One such example comes from James West – a 27-year-old Aussie, writer, broadcaster, published author and former producer of Triple J’s Hack program – who, after accidentally receiving the email correspondence of an American family called The Trans, decided to track the family down and attend their 2010 Thanksgiving celebrations.

Explains West: “A tale of mistaken identity across three years, spanning the world. After years of accidentally being copied into some random American family’s Thanksgiving email preparations (The Tran Family), I’m trying to track them down -and maybe even get invited to The Tran Family Thanksgiving 2010!“. Track them down he did and in a heartwarming display of holiday cheer, the Trans accepted West’s proposal, hosting him for their 2010 Thanksgiving celebrations. Below, a Youtube series charting West’s strange but true internet adventures.

Via The Daily What