Aussie Idiots Pull Fake Drive-By Shooting Prank On Terrified Little Kid

Just file this one away under “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ideas.” Don’t even hesitate for a second. Stuff it in there.

Pulling pranks on unsuspecting members of the public has long been a staple source of cheap comedic material, but every once in a while some idiot pushes things too far and completely cooks it.
Case in point, Aussie Facebook “entertainers,” Jalals – a group of three young Melbourne lads with a truly baffling 1.8million Facebook likes.
Known for taking Islamic and Muslim stereotypes and co-opting them into pranks that they film and upload, Jalals are absolutely copping it at the minute – rightfully so, too – for their latest cinematic feat.
A video of them engaging in a series of mock drive-by shooting attacks was posted overnight, showing them rolling up on unsuspecting members of the public, pulling prop guns, and pumping gunshot sound effects through the car speakers.
Which is fairly dodgy in and of itself, but the whole thing goes absolutely, utterly pear-shaped when they pull the stunt on an actual small human girl. Who reacts exactly as you’d imagine: sheer terror.

Gun SFX through Car Speakers.. Works pretty well ?? – Like “Jalals” for more

Posted by Jalals on Monday, 22 February 2016

Oh, but it’s alright though! They went back and apologised to her afterwards!
K. ~Real cool story, bros~.
What kind of psycho accidentally fucks up an already pretty shitty prank by pulling it on a small child, then reacts by uploading that footage to the freaking internet?
Go on, lads. Off you pop. Into the bin.

Source: Facebook.