Aussie Don Draper Sells $225 Million Share To WME, Ads & Entertainment Collide

Beverley Hills (get this) talent agency and media mogul William Morris Endeavor—representing basically everybody in Hollywood including Christian Bale, Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, Guillermo Del Toro and Martin Scorcese, while also holding extensive TV, Music, Literature and Theatre portfolios in the industry—have purchased a significant 49% share of New York based advertising agency Droga5, founded by Australia’s very own Don Draper, the Thredbo-born David Droga. 

The news, which has WME paying a reported $225 million for the minority share, is a significant move in the industry, considering Droga5’s extensive and high profile advertising clients, and their propensity for innovative celebrity collaborations that pepper their strategies for Coca Cola, Qantas and Spotify. That time pages from Jay-Z’s memoir were sprinkled about New York City, located on Bing maps? That was Droga 5. Those goddamn adorable, infectious ‘Monday Tuesday Wednesday’ ads for Woolworths? That was Droga5.  

It’s suspected the deal will grant WME and Droga 5 mutual access to each other’s clients and portfolios, which, inevitably, will see branded content and innovative celebrity endorsements pop up in reckless abundance. According to AdNews, David Droga spoke of the acquisition fondly: “Droga5 has always endeavored to be the most influential creative agency in the business, with ideas that move our clients and our industry forward,” he said, adding: “This partnership will exponentially accelerate our ability to realise that ambition” 

So it looks like advertising and Hollywood are being further, inextricably entwined, which can only mean we’ll be seeing more of this on our screens, through our headphones and in our books:

Via AdNews, The Australian.