PEDESTRIAN.TV have partnered with Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales because Aussie Brenton Thwaites is the lead and sorry, but praise given where praise due.

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Why? Because homeboy landed the bloody lead role in one of the most recognisable film franchises going around alongside Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Kiera Knightley and Geoffrey Rush. Think Margot Robbie when Wolf Of Wall Street came out just like, less nudity. And by less nudity we mean none at all. Which is fine. It’s fine.

This isn’t Brenton’s first feature film rodeo but it’s easily his biggest role yet. From humble beginnings in Aussie dramas SLiDE (Aussie attempt at Skins, basically) and as Stu Henderson on Home & Away, Brenton has scored roles in Ruben Guthrie, Maleficent, The Giver and Gods of Egypt.

Aussie Brenton Thwaites On Playing Orlando Bloom’s Son: “I Fangirled Out”

We spoke to Brenton ahead of the release about how much of a big deal being in the Pirates franchise is, who has been patiently waiting in anticipation for the film to come out. Fair enough. It did start filming a whopping two years ago back in 2015 on Australia’s very own GC.

I feel like I know what’s coming,” he told PEDESTRIAN.TV. “It has a very specific worldwide fanbase that are very verbal in letting you know their excitement.

But while he’s mentally (and probably physically) preparing himself for the imminent fans about to make his life er, different to what he knew it to be, Brenton admits that he himself was a fan on set. “I was absolutely a fan of the movies. I definitely fan girl’ed out,” he admitted about working with some of the world’s biggest names on set.

Earlier this year he also mentioned that he wigged out on his first scene with co-star Johnny.

Aussie Brenton Thwaites On Playing Orlando Bloom’s Son: “I Fangirled Out”

“I remember that I was really terrified, as if I had never played in my life before shooting this scene I remember saying to me, ‘How I’m going to stand and talk to Johnny Depp for 3 minutes, face a character with whom I grew up? It will not be possible,’” he said.

Check out what that looks like for yourself below, as well as him giving a red-hot go at accents other than his own. Are they good? Up to you.

Full disclosure: I’ve seen the film and strongly believe that he is about to do to young viewers everywhere what Jeremy Sumpter did to me in Peter Pan. Unlike Jeremy though, we reckon Brenton’s only just getting started.

Photo: Instagram / @brentonthwaites.