Aus Journo’s Precious ‘Slothie’ Found Safe After Being Yeeted Off The Syd Harbour Bridge

Here’s a bloody lovely bit of light news for you: a beloved toy named ‘Slothie’, owned by the goddaughter of Aussie journo Julia Baird, has been found safe and sound after being absolutely yeeted off the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Sunday night.

Julia tweeted on June 1st about the accident with ‘Slothie’, the precious best friend of her goddaughter after she lost him out of a car window as they drove over the harbour bridge. The poor little lass was absolutely inconsolable about the loss of her fluffy friend and thought he was gone forever.

Three days later and the maintenance crew of the bridge found a very battered and dirty Slothie during their rounds of the iconic coathanger, picked him up, and made sure he was okay after his big adventure (of being fucking piffed off the bridge.)

First of all, Slothie is so much bigger than I had ever imagined. He’s huge! It’s a feat in itself that this toy was even able to get out the window, let alone be found again in one piece. Remarkable.

But also can you imagine being in the cars behind, who would have seen this big pink thing just flying out the window? The mental image alone is a treat in itself.

Maybe Slothie wanted to feel the fresh winter night’s air through his fur and it just went a step too far. Maybe there was some kind of internal sibling struggle in the back of the car and Slothie just got slung out the window like a trebuchet. Maybe Slothie yeeted himself?

slothie sydney harbour bridge

Whatever happened, Slothie looks like he needs a good wash and a cuddle, and maybe should be wearing a seatbelt next time he goes in the car.

I mean yeah, Slothie definitely looks like me when I emerge from a big night out on the town, too. Rogue stains, dishevelled, underslept.

Slothie’s big adventure had many others fondly (?) remembering moments of lost toys, which either brings up nice memories or reunions or some real classic childhood trauma.

At the time of writing, Slothie is yet to be returned with his young friend, but we’re very glad he’s warm and being taken care of until that moment of reunion.