Attention Sickos, ‘Cabin Fever’ Is Back With A Very Gory New Trailer

Cinephiles and lovers of pure, mortal fear alike worked out the horror movie formula a looong time ago, and even cynical dissections of the tried-and-true genre have become passé.
Still, those factors almost don’t even really matter, considering we still go absolutely ape for watching harmless gatherings of good lookin’ young people descend into absolute gorefests. 
Eli Roth, who masterminded the original Cabin Fever when it hit screens in the distant year of 2002, is banking on our collective bloodlust for his new Cabin Fever, 2016 edition. Why? Because we just can’t get enough of this shit, obviously.

Until we see the original’s pancake-karate girl again, the re-imagined flick’s trailer will hopefully stock you up on deadly pathogens and immense suffering before it drops later in the US this February. 

Have a gander, ya sickos:

Photo: Youtube.