High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale and Mallrats director Kevin Smith got into a nasty social media spat today, after he scraped her car with his, damaging her mirror in the process, and she let him know about it.

Given the number of celebrities in LA, it makes sense that two of them would crash into each-other now and then, but I dunno, this particular combination of celebrities feels SO wild that I’m still struggling to get my head around it.

Earlier today, Ashley Tisdale initiated a social media skirmish by Tweeting: “Thanks Kevin Smith for scratching my mirror on my car and not stopping. Classy move neighbor!”

The director replied: “Apologies – I drive like Cruella de Vil in the Hills! However, I *did* do a courtesy stop. Then when you pulled away first, I was like “That’s soooo Sharpay…”

After media outlets picked up on the initial Tweets, the pair seemed to work things out. Smith later said that the “incredibly sweet” Ashley Tisdale stopped by his house to try and apologise, but he assured her he was the one driving like a maniac.

He also revealed that he’d told his daughter Harley Quinn about the Twitter scrap, and she told him she’d seen Tisdale in High School Musical Live. Smith, in a classic dad move, then forgot to take a selfie with the actress before sending her on her way.

Image: Getty Images / Mary Clavering / Alberto E Rodriguez