Arya Stark Might Be Starring In ‘The Last Of Us’ Movie

Extremely good news for fans of survival horror on Day 1 Million (approx.) of Comic-Con: director Sam Raimi is in charge of the film adaptation of The Last Of Us. Even better, it’s looking likely that Ellie will be played by Maisie Williams.

If the rumours are true, it’ll be the first starring role for the young English actress, who’s made a huge impression as Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones. And according to Deadline Hollywood, it’s already looking pretty likely: she’s already begun talks over the part and would have appeared on the panel announcing the film if she hadn’t been held up by a Game Of Thrones photo shoot. 
Despite much fan debate over who’d make the best Joel (consensus has Hugh Jackman or Josh Brolin in the part), there’s no word yet on who will play Ellie’s gruff protector.
For the uninitiated, The Last Of Us follows Joel and Ellie as they scrounge and fight their way across an America laid to waste by a fungus that turns people into these walking nightmares:
The screenplay will be penned by Neil Druckman, writer of the game, who’ll also be involved in casting and choosing a director.
There’s no release date for The Last Of Us yet, but that’s not gonna stop us getting excited over the prospect of some big-screen shiv crafting starting NOW.