‘Arrested Development’ Exec All-But Confirms The Bluths Will Return In 2K17

The beloved series Arrested Developmentwas a classic example of a darn good show that got cancelled purely because of shitty ratings – following the footsteps of Firefly‘ and Freaks and Geeksinto iconic ~cult~ territory. 

Luckily, we’ve now got good ol’ streaming services (what is a television, anyway?) that can breathe new life into legendary characters who we don’t want to farewell just yet.
Of course, Netflix rebooted ‘Arrested Development‘ in 2013 to divisive reviews, and a fifth season has allegedly been in the works for a while. 
Now it’s been sorta, kinda, definitely confirmed that our fave eccentric family, the Bluths, are making a comeback. 
“We are close,” said executive producer Brian Grazer at the Television Critics Association press tour. “I think within a couple of weeks at the most.” 
This is huge, obviously, because it seemed like a season five would be almost impossible due to the A-list status of pretty much the whole cast. 

‘AD’ was a big break for a lotta these guys, with Jason Bateman now playing a lot of sensitive dudes/Jennifer Aniston love interests in big budget comedies, Will Arnett and Jeffrey Tambor having permanent gigs in Bojack Horseman and Transparent, and Michael Cera spends most of his time playing an acoustic guitar and being best mates with a cactus.
Yet Grazer insists that they have perfected a “work matrix so they can still make movies and do other things and it will all integrate,” which frankly sounds like a lovely matrix I want to be a part of. 
The cast and crew are keeping mum on the overarching narrative of the new season. Creator Mitch Hurwitz once said that he wanted it to be a serialised murder mystery – WTF, I know, but ‘Serial and Making a Murderer‘ were hot shit then, so you get the vibe. 
Even though it feels like we’ve been waiting for this forever, the timing couldn’t be more apt. In the most recent season of the show, the Bluths are intent on building a wall between America and Mexico. Lindsay‘s speech about “keeping Mexicans out” and putting up a wall goes down so bloody well that she ends up running for office as a Republican
Who says cult comedy can’t predict the future? Only time will tell in terms of how the show chooses to integrate the President Elect into the story. Perhaps Tobias Fünke will harbour an intense crush on Donald Trump, or something equally as disturbing. 
Source: Deadline
Photo: Getty / Bravo.