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Armie Hammer‘s friends have opened up about what he’s really like in the wake of the candle about him allegedly being a big, horny cannibal, and tbh, they’re just as shocked and confused as the rest of us.

Speaking to Page Six, several family friends and colleagues shared a bit of what’s supposedly going on behind the scenes, and the insights are… mixed.

“[His ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers] was aware of some infidelity, but she wanted to make the marriage work and thought that he did too,” one close friend of the couple said.

They added that many friends just assumed they had some kind of open marriage.

“[The DMs] are very shocking for her. He never did any of the weird shit with her.”

Another friend said their “mind was blown” by the whole situation.

“None of this seems like the Armie that I know. He needs help. Something is terribly wrong, and I just wonder if it’s drugs,” they added.

However Hammer’s ex Courtney Vucekovich told Page Six just days earlier that she was actually pretty familiar with Hammer’s alleged cannibalism fetish, so it’s at least not news to some people.

Meanwhile, a casting director told the same publication that Hammer – a rich kid who grew up with the benefit of his great-grandfather’s oil fortune – had let the fame get to his head.

“Up till Call Me By Your Name, nobody took him that seriously other than as a rich kid who wanted to get famous,” they said.

“He was in a lot of loser films before that, but after Call Me, he started getting much better offers and much more attention.

“He seemed to be getting a bit of a god complex — like he’s so famous and rich, he’s above reproach. That can lead to some actors having very bad behavior.”

Of course, this is all very much speculation from people who admittedly knew nothing about Hammer’s lovelife before those fateful DMs were leaked.

Hammer didn’t address the claims beyond calling them “bullshit”, while pretty much everyone else is just spitballing at the moment.

Image: Getty Images / Gareth Cattermole